Photo production

Develop your eCommerce process.

Flexibility is our priority

In only a few clicks you are able to start a production meanwhile getting in touch with your clients.

For more developed processes, Studio also provides advanced features regarding
workflow settings, outsourcing and auto-checks.

Studio is a platform easy to take in

Take a look at the process!
Start production in less than a minute!

Dare to share

Any doubt regarding a detail on a photo?
Need some feedback, another point of view?

In only 3 clicks you can ask
a validation from your clients directly by email.

Emergencies are taking care of in LIVE
and production goes faster.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Clients are able to directly indicate retouching intentions.
They choose the photos and establish the contact sheets needed.

You, significantly, reduce going back & forth with your client during retouching.
Clients will be even more satisfied with this quality service.

Organise productions efficiently

Check list

Among hundreds of photos taken everyday, a view is easily forgotten. Upload directly clients’ check lists. You’ll be warned as soon as a view is missing.


Warn your clients as soon as you need a validation. They can take a look LIVE at the photos taken. Everything is easier, handier, more instantaneous.


Allow your clients to access a distinctive and modern platform where photos can be validated in just a click. They can comment as much as they want.


Ensure samples traceability sent by your clients. To take delivery of the products, you organise your stock and prepare quicker next photo shoots.


Are you already outsourcing retouching? Relay automatically images and brief to your provider. Control invoices thanks to metrics calculating the amount of validated photos.


You have at your disposal all information needed to set up your invoices: number of products, number of validated photos, number of retouched photos, etc.

Secured storage

All your files are stored in our servers through hardwares.

You’ll find your raw photos, your PSD (photoshop) files and final pictures delivered to your clients.

Because we always take care of your datas, our servers are duplicate in two different datacenter in France.

Our clients

Agencies and photographers use us on a daily basis.

Studio by Grand Shooting offers suitable assistance.
From simple productions where the client needs quality pictures at a reasonable price,
studios wanting to equip themselves and transition to a more industrial approach,
to independent photographers whom want to build a strong relationship with their clients,

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