Avoid going back & forth and reduce costs.

Photo validation is done way faster

We found the solution to reconcile your clients’ high needs with low prices!

The answer is: avoid going back & forth in order to save time and gain productivity.

You provide a user-friendly platform allowing your clients to easily validate the photos.

Your clients will first validate the photos and then will be able to upload what’s needed.

Post production in only 2 steps

You have the possibility to set up editing in 1 or 2 steps depending on your client’s check list.

For instance: you can outsource deep-etching to your favorite provider and then carry out
completion internally before submitting the pictures to your clients.

Live retouching

Some of your pictures have to be delivered right away?

Aloof from the photo shoot,
on-site retouching receives the raw photos in live.

A photo taken in the studio in the morning can be directly retouched
in the afternoon and delivered to the client the same day.

You clients know your completely competent to manage emergencies.

and renaming

Studio checks everything, all the time!

Sometimes clients are asking for several versions of pictures, with different definition and different ways of naming. Some brand will ask for one original picture for its shop and one resized and renamed version for its ePartners.

Thanks to Studio by Grand Shooting you can digitalize this time consuming step! You simply create an "export rule" that will generate several versions of the image. You can also create a rule to resize and rename the pictures in the directories needed by your clients.

= transfering

Files are automatically synchronized. You don’t have to send last retouched pictures anymore, it’s saved online and your clients can directly validate their needs through the platform.

It’s user-friendly and efficient.

Our clients

Some of our clients are agencies dedicated to retouching.

Some others are agencies working both on production and retouching.

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