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Studio by Grand Shooting, dedicated to photo professionals, is simplifying eCommerce photo production.

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The time saver

Studio checks everything, all the time!

Are all pictures taken into account?

Are files’ names correct?

Is the photo shoot consistent with the client’s check list?

Have I received all the products I need to shoot?

Everything is handled in order to let you concentrate on only the essential: make high quality photos.

Produce your eShop photos

The communications enabler

Allow your clients to follow the shooting LIVE wherever they are. Give them the possibility to share photos with their co-workers and directly indicate the retouching needed.

With Grand Shooting, your clients choose and validate faster their photos, even if the amount equals thousands of pictures.

Simple and fast photo shoots

The efficiency provider

Prepare and organize your photo shoots’ sessions in a few clicks. Gain time in your samples management process. Follow your production in LIVE. Let the platform automatically rename the pictures that will be broadcast in your DAM, your eShop and on marketplaces. Outsource retouching to our talented partners. Use our tools to speed validation workflow.

Your photos look good

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